Friday, May 29, 2009


It's 4AM and I want to get out of bed but hubby is sleeping and I can't stay in the room if I get up. I get up anyway, sneak into the bathroom to get dressed and grab my computer and purse only to realize I need to get the Ibuprofen. It's on the bedside table so I creep over and snatch it up and drop it into my purse and escape the room. I'm on my way to the lobby to have some coffee and watch Hulu on the laptop. Soon he will get a call to leave and I want him to get as much sleep as possible. He never knows when he will get the chance to get sleep once he is on the job.

I don't plan on any long long walks today. I may go to the corner but definitely I won't be hiking to the edge of town. I spent about 45 minutes in the jacuzzi yesterday after that walk and let the jets work their magic on my sore muscles.

I extended our stay here to Sunday. He might be finished with his job by then and if not we will stay a few more. I'm not in a hurry to return home. It will be there when I get there along with that lovely humidity we all enjoy so much.

I'm sipping more coffee and watching the morning news. I'm planning an easy day.

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  1. This may well come as a surprise to you, 0400 is too damned early to be getting out of bed. It is an uncivilized hour - unless you happen to be going to bed.


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