Monday, May 18, 2009

3 Months Post TKR

You can see some definition can't you? I can see where the knee curves in although it is still swollen. Today I can walk without a limp. I don't know why some days are better then others. Some days I can't get enough extension to walk without that limp and walking with a limp causes the muscles in my leg to burn and cramp. I'll enjoy today. Tomorrow may not be as enjoyable.

The carburetor for the Landcruiser came in last Friday. I took it to Joe this morning. I see progress on this front. Yesterday I saw a Landcruiser drive by my house that was the same color as ours. It was an older model Landcruiser. It had the single door in back whereas ours has the double doors which signifies a newer model. I'm going to have to pick out some new rims and tires soon. The tires on the 'cruiser are at least 25yrs old. Dry rotted by now although they still look good. It has Jackman wheels on it but they will need to be replaced. Always something huh?

It's chilly outside today. This respite from the heat won't last long. I think I should spend most of this day out doors. I'm outta here for a while. This day is moving along way too fast to spend it sitting in front of this laptop!

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