Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Happy Mothers' Day. No breakfast in bed for me. My mother's day gift is a refreshed living room.

Right now I'm too tired to even sit down. We have been working on the living room since early this morning and I'm exhausted. I'm climbing a "two step ladder" to reach to the top of the walls to paint the crown molding. I have went up and down those two steps all morning and my legs are now numb. I have painted the crown and cut in the edges and painted the walls. We are almost done with the painting.

Chair rails and window molding will be done tomorrow. I'm satisfied with the paint color. I wanted yellow but hubby didn't and we both agreed on green; I got to pick the shade of green. It doesn't sound like a lot of work when you mention painting a room but it is. The ceiling got painted first, all the baseboards and shoe molding got painted. The door facings on 4 doors, the crown molding and finally the walls. Before painting those walls, all those doors and crown and baseboards had to be cut in and then the easy part; rolling the paint on the walls.

I know now why it has been so long since this room was painted. I'll have to like this color for a lot of years.

I'm taking a break and sipping on a margarita and this break may have to last till tomorrow.

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