Saturday, May 30, 2009

From Rifle to Pueblo, Colorado

White water!

Leaving Rifle, Colorado and on to Glenwood Springs. There was a raft and kayak race in Glenwood Springs today and we could see the racers as we passed by.

We just got into Pueblo and checked into our room. I'm in heaven. The jacuzzi is in the bedroom in plain sight of the TV. I may never get out of the tub tonight.
The first thing I did when we pulled into the parking lot was load up my camera equipment bag, purse and small overnight bag into the hotel. Then I downloaded all the pictures I took going through the pass, and put my rechargeable batteries in the charger and plugged it in. I'm always prepared with fresh batteries and empty memory cards.
The pass was over 10,000 feet and as we headed up the temps were in the 70s but by the time we reached the summit the temps were at 42 degrees and the rain turned to sleet then finally to snow. It was quite the interesting drive through the mountains. My husband who is not one for descriptive phrasing said "you know, there is something about the mountains that makes you feel different". I agreed. My view of this is the mountains reminds one of just how small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things we are. I get the same feeling when I arrive at the beach and gaze out on the ocean
We drove through Vail, Copper Mountain and Breckenridge. I gazed at the snow barren ski runs that 20 years plus, I had whoosed down. I remember the thrill of standing at the top of a run and pushing off for the ride to the bottom. I know it's not feasible for me to think about still making those runs. I need this knee to last a while. I've been dreading heading back to swamp country but living here would be too much of a temptation to try it again.
We drove into Royal Gorge but didn't actually go into the park. An adult ticket to walk on the bridge over the gorge was 26.00 each. I'm not paying that much to walk over a gorge. I would pay that and more to raft the river. We had some nice views, took some pictures and headed out again.
We went through Canon City, saw the sign to Phantom Pass, and on into Pueblo where we will spend the night. This is my first visit to these towns. The ski towns I've visited but that's where my visit to this part of Colorado stopped. After this trip, I can say I've seen most of the western slope. Everything west of Denver is the best part of Colorado. I'm not impressed by anything east of Denver.
We are treating ourselves to a nice steak dinner and later a hot jacuzzi.

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