Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Packed and Ready

It doesn't take me long to pack. I pack by colors. Mostly the things I pack are white, black and red and I mean everything. Every pair of capris can be worn with any of the blouses, pullovers, etc.
KIS. (keep it simple). I don't pack a special shirt for a certain pair of shorts or capris. Everything can be paired easily. Solids in the basic colors. 3 pair of white capris and shorts because white will have to be washed after one wearing so I pack more then one. I know you found this information captivating. Captivating? Captive? Held against one's will? Well, hell. I didn't make you read this did I?
I'm outta here to get dressed and go to the mail box. I need to make a list of the other things to take.
1. Camera stuff
2. Laptop stuff
3. External drive for computer
4. extra pair of shoes
5. Drawing stuff
6. The damn weights for my damn knee ( :-(
That should do it.

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