Thursday, May 7, 2009

89 Degrees

and there is nothing like running through a fountain on a hot day!

This was Carrie's first trip to the fountain downtown. Usually she is not with us on the weekends and that is when we would like to take her to this fountain. Lots of little children are there on the weekends and I know she would have a great time with them. Carrie is a social butterfly.
We had plans to do some things to the house today. That idea went by the wayside; watching Carrie play in the fountain was much more entertaining.
Buffalo wings, salad and fried mushrooms for dinner and it was a dinner that didn't require my assistance so of course it turned out great. I get to clean up the mess which is only fair. I would rather clean then cook anyway.
Now as for the knee, I have just discovered that I can stand up and take the weight off "the" knee and let my leg relax and hang and I can feel it extending. It's a "slow motion" move. I can actually feel the metal knee slowly moving without me using force to move it. I don't know if this is just a new stage or if this is how it will operate forever. I do know if this is forever, it will mean I will have to stand and stay in place for about 15 seconds till it extends on it's own. I hope this is a phase and I will move on to immediate extension someday.
I'm surprised by the many different feelings. Some days it feels great, some days the muscles are having spasm; too sore to walk and to walk I must endure some pain for a few minutes to walk off the stiffness. I'm now chanting " a year from now, this will be but a memory". It keeps me going.
Oh. One other observation or comment. I hate tile floors. The ceramic tile floors in this house are easy to clean and quite durable. The problem is one small speck of water or moisture will track for many feet. That one small speck of water or moisture will make the floors as slick as ice. Because of this one thing, I hate the tile floors. Tonight hubby sprayed some air freshner in the kitchen, then walked through where it had landed on the tile floor. I watched him slide and recover. He didn't fall. All I could see was what if I had walked through there with my leg stiff as it is now. I would not have been able to recover or if so it would have been very painful. Did I mention I hate tile floors?

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