Monday, May 11, 2009

TKR 11 weeks Post Op

It's time once again for an ugly knee picture. Less swelling as the weeks go by and more definition on the shape of the knee. As far as movement goes, I still do not have full extension. The doctor said to do a lot of walking and it will extend. I'm walking. I'm climbing ladders. I'm moving. I'm going to go back to weights when I do my stretches. At least for a while.

The floor lamp here I bought last year and just unpacked today for this room. We finallly got around to staining the Anderson wood windows and putting up the casing.

And the living room once again looks like a living room. Most of the furniture is back in, some is not coming back in and tomorrow we will go look for a chair and work on getting window coverings back up. It's fresh and clean. We still have a lot of stuff to move back into the wall unit. One more day and we should be done.
I'm done..really DONE for today.
I'm watching a rain storm come in. Most of the cloudy days lately haven't produced rain but rain is forecast for today.

After dinner:

Rain and lots of it with high winds slapping the trees to the left and right and puddles standing in the yard as I watch from the living room window.
Its time to rest and watch some tv.

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  1. I hate to say this but the more I look at yours the less I want to have mine done...yuk..I'm already got enough things that don't match.sorry..and you volunteered for yours..If mine didnt give me fits at times,,I would settle for the way it is now..later sis,


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