Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mine, All Mine!

We have no Carrie today. Although there is less to do when she isn't here, we miss her. I can remember when we were thrilled when she would repeat one word. We would clearly pronounce a word for her and she would process that information and sometimes she would be able to say the word clearly. I have no idea why we as parents and grandparents are so anxious for them to begin talking. Once started, they never shut up. If they have nothing to contribute to a conversation, they will always have questions. "Why" seems to be their favored word. One answer is never satisfactory. That answer is usually followed by yet another "why"? This can continue for hours.

I have often wanted to try this on another adult. For each answer I would counter with a "why"? Can a "why" follow every answer to infinity? It seems to be the case with a toddler. All you can do is use the distraction tool to escape the "why" continuum.

I observe Carrie while she is in her home. She plays alone and entertains herself quite well. Her mother can watch a television show uninterrupted. Not so here. Carrie thinks we are her playmates and should be entertaining or playing imaginary games with her the whole time she is here. She thinks the TV in the living room is for her movies on DVD when she gets a whim to watch them. We don't get to watch the news often when Carrie is hanging out with us.

Do I miss Carrie? Yes I do. Will I go pick her up today? No I won't. I'm going to not be responsible for anyone today but myself. I'm going to be a glutton on news and watching what I want to watch on the TV. I'm going to get my nap. I'm not going to worry about preparing food for anyone else. I'm going to be stingy, lazy and self centered all damn day!

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