Monday, June 1, 2009


Home once again. We finished up with an 8 hr uneventful drive. I'm back in swamp land and it's hot. We unpacked then called Carrie to let her know we were home.
I've been catching up on the news. I'm trying to reconcile how a "right to life" stance can result in a killing by a person with those beliefs. How does that work? I understand your beliefs based on your religion. I think you have all the right in the world to not have an abortion. I think you need to realize that that only applies to you. Your religion, your belief and your right. Now keep your religion and your beliefs to your self and let the rest of the world have their rights to believe as they wish. That's only fair.
I'm appalled at the murder of this Dr. yesterday. Late term abortions are not usually done because a women has finally decided she doesn't want a child. They are done because the fetus is damaged; incompatable with life; unable to live outside the womb, etc. etc.
I don't even want to believe how incredibly stupid some people are when they hear the word "abortion". I used the word "aborted" when talking with a women here that lost her child early in the pregnancy and the fetus was found to be horribly deformed. That woman was highly incensed. Aborted? Even the sound of the word to the woman bought her Catholic upbringing full steam ahead.
Enough. I have had enough of this conversation.

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