Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm on My Own

I have the room all to myself. I'm also on foot; no access to a vehicle. Yep, he's gone to the location, I have salads stocked in the room, cell phone and laptop charged up, no rain is sight and the sun is shining.

I'll be entertaining myself for the next few days. I'll walk. I'll explore on foot this little area around me. There won't be any trips into the mountains but that's alright.

I'll spend more time in the hot tub and the pool and take more naps and read that book I bought along for times like this.

I also loped...ah...I mean limped down the hallway and gave the candy we bought at the Russell Stover Outlet store to the housekeepers. They were very grateful. Think salads; no chocolates. I had to go in that outlet store for chocolates. I've never seen an outlet chocolate store. Rows and rows of chocolates and in a big warehouse type building. Who knew???

I spent a few hours in the lobby with my laptop this morning. I was at I was watching a Nat'l Geo documentary on the Vatican. I didn't get to finish it so I'll do that too. I'll watch the remainder of that and then explore hulu for more. I just have so many options on things to do.
I think I'll get started right now.

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