Thursday, May 28, 2009

Silly Me

The "before the walk picture. You don't want to see the "after walk" one!

I set out on my little walk this morning and was so proud of myself when I made it to the Seven Eleven on the corner. I had some pep in my step and a smile on my face. I was talking to Ms. K. on my cell phone for company. I looked ahead and set my goal to the Subway Sandwich Store. Great. I made that goal also so I set another goal. Somewhere in all this goal setting I should have realized that wherever I ended up it would double by the time I did the return trip. It would also be much warmer. That afternoon sun can get mighty warm!

Looking back from where I started.

The new Hampton Inn under construction.

It didn't sound like a bad idea, it really didn't. This coming from a person that has barely walked 500 ft at one time in the past 6 months. Yes, I am short of breath. Could it be because I haven't walked more then 500 ft in the past 6 months? I'm afraid folks, I am sorely out of shape. My shape isn't great and my health shape isn't either and that's why I decided to get some exercise. I got to the Sonic and they had these lovely picnic benches in the back of the parking lot. I took a little break and stretched my leg said goodbye to Ms. K. then continued my walk. I was enjoying myself. I took a few pictures of the wild flowers and rocks. I still hadn't thought at all about walking back so I kept walking. Call me Forest Gump. I was walking and walking. Eventually I got to the Walmart store. It sits on the edge of town and after browsing the store a bit, I head home, now known as the Super o8 Motel.

After a few minutes, I'm hot, sweat is running down my face and my leg is cramping. Eventually I limp into the Sonic and collapse at those picnic tables. I debate on sitting here till hubby calls from 50 miles away to tell me he is coming in. Silly me. That won't be till tomorrow. I force myself to a standing position, get my balance and slowly trudge on. The zip is gone. My lively step is gone. I feel a whine buried yet, but who knows for how long? Mouth open, limp evident and swilling Diet Coke, I made for a pretty sight on the highway.

I'm back in my room with the curtains drawn. It's dark and it's cool in here. I don't plan on leaving. I don't plan on getting more exercise for a while. Maybe next year at this time. I'm going to sleep now.

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