Monday, May 4, 2009

10 Weeks Post Op and Dryer

I'll get no votes for the prettiest knees. I could care less! I just want them to both operate , er..scratch that word "operate" and let's substitute "function" for it. I just want both of them to FUNCTION correctly. I can see some definition now in the surgical knee. I can see some indentations around the patella. Some of the swelling is decreasing.

I was told the first month was hell and then the second month I would be grateful that I had it done. I'm now in week 10 post op and finally I'm beginning to believe that it will function close to normal someday.
I think I must have passed a point in this whole mess where I'm finally able to see some definite improvement. It's still stiff when I first get out of bed but now I find the more I walk the more loose it becomes and the more extension and less limp I can achieve. I still have to do the "stretch and burn" exercises and cope with the screaming muscles later but I'm feeling better about this whole thing now.

Today I have to shop for a dryer. Mine finally just died. It has been limping along for a while. I dislike buying new appliances. It seems every year they get worse as far as performance and reliability. The last one I bought about 15yrs ago. I'm sure that after all this time, the ones on the market are programmed to last 1/2 that amount of time. They cost more for less time. Occasionally I can see one of those old refrigerators with the rounded edges and the doors that felt as though that weighted a ton still purring along. With all the advancements in technology, why aren't we building things that last longer? Shouldn't that be an advancement? Ah well. Maybe it's the outsourcing. Back in the day, weren't those appliances built in the USA? Maybe they would be cost prohibitive to built them here now. I hate it when the salesmen try to sell you an extended warranty on these products. I remember when you didn't have to buy an extended warranty. The product was expected to last for at least 10 years! We pay less and get less. That seems fair.

I must get showered and dressed. I have an outsourced product to buy.

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