Sunday, May 24, 2009


Telluride reminds me of Myrtle Beach. Very touristy. Telluride is a mountain tourist haven while Myrtle Beach is a beach tourist haven. The streets were packed with tourists, bicycles, and hikers. A Mountain Film festival was in progress. I prefer a much less visited area as I prefer a secluded beach. The Outer Banks in North Carolina is my beach preference.

If you enlarge this picture you can see a house to the left of the falls; not at the bottom of the falls but at the TOP. Who lives there...and why??????

It was 43 degrees in Telluride with a light rain falling. The streets were muddy and mostly unpaved. Victorian mini houses lined the streets. Those Victorian houses were painted in the fashion of "the painted ladies" in San Francisco. I didn't expect to see that style of house in the middle of Colorado.
The tram was operating and we watched the gondolas as they circled up the mountain. There is a small village at the top but I couldn't interest hubby in taking the tram to see it. The drive up to Telluride was beautiful but much less hair raising as the drive yesterday. The aspen are beginning to get their leaves and they are a soft mint green.

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