Sunday, May 24, 2009

Leaving Montrose

More pictures and videos from the Telluride trip. We will be moving tomorrow to an unknown at this time destination. Hubby just found out his job is in Meeker, Colorado so we will be moving to Rifle, Rangley or Craig, Colorado which is about 2 hrs. north of here.

A still photo just can't capture the size of this place so I did a few videos to better show the beauty and grandness of the mountains.

View of Telluride

I don't like shooting through the windshield but if I hold the camera outside it picks up a lot of wind noise so, excuse the noise on these videos.

On the ride back out of the canyon I spent the time watching the landscape slide by. There was miles and miles of pole fencing and large herds of cattle grazing the fields. There was some scrubby looking small trees that I couldn't identify. I would like to ask a local what they were. A creek ran along side the road. Sometimes it was a fast running stretch of water hiding the rocks beneath and sometimes it was mostly rocks with enough water to make them moist. I noticed small trees splayed down toward the water and looking closer found a big beaver dam in that creek. I watched that creek all the way out of the canyon and found many more beaver dams. I wanted to see the ranch house that all those cattle belonged to. A lot of small houses were on that property but I didn't think that was where the rancher lived and I was right. When we got to the ranch house there was no mistaking it for the hired hands houses. It flaunted a large entrance with the name of the ranch displayed across the front.

Getting closer to Montrose there was a small herd of Alpacas. We have seen llamas, alpacas, elk, antelope and camels on this trip. The camels were in the panhandle of Texas and it did make you do a double take. Who would expect camels in Texas?

I'm ready for a nice long bath in that huge tub. It might be my last night for a whirlpool bath.

Hubby and I did discuss having the master bath remodel to have a whirlpool and a separate shower stall. That won't happen until the economy gets better.

I'll be back from a new time and place!

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