Friday, May 22, 2009

Colorado Bound/ Montrose, Colo.

Day 2 of the trip to Colorado. We got started this morning around 7:00. We are ahead of schedule so we don't have to rush to get there now. We've been traveling through the panhandle of Texas. Farmland, pumpjacks, cows and horses are the main order of business here. You can see miles and miles of portable irrigation on wheels cutting through the grain fields. The railorad tracks run from town to town to pick up the grain for shipment. Cattle trucks hauling a load of calves somewhere. Maybe to market?
Grain silos dot the higways through the small towns with streets so wide it would have you believing you were on interstate. I'm guessing the roads are wide in relation to all the land available in this state. It's still green in this part of the country. The temperature is a very mild and pleasant 66 degrees so the sweltering temperature of summer hasn't
arrived to burn the land and seperate it from it's spring moisture.
There are small abandoned farmhouses sprinkled thoroughout the plains in various states of decay. Some have the walls caving in and the roof tilting to meet the ground.Windows long ago gone and paint barely to be seen on the walls. Who lived there? Who raised their families in these small houses? Did they move up to a bigger home or did they abandon them to move to a different life? I would love to hear the stories these old houses could tell.
New Mexico in 30 more miles! (to be continued)
We entered New Mexico and within a few miles the flat land began to move toward the foothills of the Rockies. Antelope were grazing in the fields and the farther we drove the closer the mountains became. We had lunch in Raton and we found another good Mexican Food Restaurant. I had a bowl of green chili and hubby had a green chili hamburger. This hamburger was served on a giant sopapilla. I'm not sure I spelled that correctly but it's close enough to figure out what I was trying to say.
We are back on the road again; the next town will be Trinidad, Colorado in about 17 miles. . We still have hours to go before we reach Montrose but the scenery has improved greatly. As soon as we left Raton we left the flatlands. We are now surrounded by the mountains, rocks and pines. This is more my country! More later.
7PM We just arrived in Montrose, Colorado and checked into the Best Western. We are in an upstairs room because there wasn't any ground floor rooms available. I'll get to practice stairs with my new knee. Home sweet home for the next week.

The jacuzzi tub is the first thing on my list of things to do!

Here are a few of the pictures from the trip here. The blue flowers lined the highway as we were traveling through New Mexico.

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