Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pitch that Stuff

Can you see Carrie on the bottom shelf? Soon she won't fit as it's a tight squeeze now. She is not feeling well today. Twice we have had little crying bouts when Poppie was teasing her and that's unusual for her to cry. She usually gives as good as she gets but today she has responded to the teasing with tears. She feels hot to touch and she fell asleep on the sofa without any encouragement to take a nap which is a sure sign that she is not feeling well.

I'm still working on the living room. It's not the living room that is the problem. The problem is all the stuff that is in those bedrooms that is not coming back into the living room. I have to now clean all that up and decide what to pitch and what to keep and where to keep it. How does one accumulate so much "stuff"? This house is 2100sf, 3 bedrooms, office, 2 1/2 baths and only two people live here and I have every room stuffed with stuff. I'm not one to hoard; I do pitch stuff out so I'm astounded by all the stuff I still have. Tomorrow I will do more but I think I'm done for today. Enchiladas and beans for dinner and I'm the cook. I should have quit hours ago especially if I had known I was the cook tonight.
Hurrah! Hubby just got put on alert for a job within the next three days. I remember when he was never home. He actually looks forward to a job now. Ah, the times they be a changin!

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  1. very cute in the bookcase....sometimes I'd like to put these on a shelf and wish they would be shelf sitters............


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