Tuesday, May 26, 2009

13 weeks TKR post op

I keep forgetting to mention the absentee smoker. It has also been 13 weeks since I had a cigarette. That is getting much easier also. I don't get the urge often at all now and still remain thrilled that I am not smoking. Now that it has been 3 months and I have it mostly under control, it's time to start watching what I eat and take off some of the weight that I've gained. I've already started with salads for the past few days. No sweets, no carbs and lots of protein. That should do it.

The ugly knee revisited. I talked to a guy this morning who said a friend of his had a TKR. I asked how he was doing and how long ago he had it done. His was done almost a year ago and the man said he walks as I do.

We just got back from using the hot tub and the pool. After sitting in that hot water and stretching my leg, I could walk without a limp. Oh Glory days! I did a few laps in the pool and instead of using the elevator, I walked up two flights of stairs. I still get SOB (short of breath). I think I'll have my doctor order an H/H to see if my hematocrit and hemoglobin is low. I might need to be tanked with a unit or two. I doubt they would transfuse. Maybe I'll look for some liver and onions somewhere.
Clinically speaking; The scar is fading and not quite so reddened. Swelling is still present. I do not have full extension and the only way I can get it to go to "0" is to put weights on it. Weighting it isn't as painful as it once was. I'm taking Ibuprofen for pain and the pain I feel is muscle pain. I'm able to walk up and down stairs without any knee pain; the knee is stable. I do use the handrail when navigating steps as my muscles are still weak.

Flexion remains the same. I'm still working on getting it to 120 degrees. Estimated 110 degrees flexion right now.
That's it for this weeks' update. I'm going to have to cancel my appointment with the ortho doctor this week as I'm out of town.
This fulfills my weekly obligation to post on the TKR!

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