Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May Bitch

I'm in charge of the stove this evening. I don't know how that happened. I think it was when I mentioned making meatloaf. That plan got changed because the hamburger meat wasn't thawed out in time so the plan switched to pork chops, cheesy potatoes and applesauce. Next time I won't have a preference for dinner especially if it's something that I am the one that usually cooks it. I don't crave anything bad enough for me to volunteer for kitchen duty. Occasionally I get in the mood to cook and I actually enjoy being in the kitchen but most of the time I can think of a long list of things I would rather be doing.
Earlier today we went to the granite shop and looked at granite for the bathrooms. I can use remnants since what I need for those bathrooms are small pieces. I had them put my name on the pieces and hold them for me for a few weeks. We don't plan on being here for the next week or two. Hubby is going to Colorado and I'm going with him. We won't be leaving here until Thursday so I'll be packing tomorrow. I wanted to go on a trip and Colorado will be perfect.
I'm tired and disgusted once again with this knee. I'm tired of the muscle pain. Right now I'm having a difficult time remembering what it's like NOT to hurt. Being in pain tries one's patience. I've hit the 3 month mark and assumed by this time things would have been improved past the point of pain. Extension still remains elusive. Some days are better then others but unfortunately I remember the days that are painful much more readily then the days when I'm pain free and limp free. I think it's because the days of pain free and limp free are far out weighted by the other days. I'm trying to walk as much as possible to gain extension; I have to say I don't think it is making that much of a difference. I continue to do the stretch and burn exercises. Limping is a painful walk. It pulls the muscles in the leg in an unnatural way and the muscles burn and cramp. I'm taking Ibuprofen 600mg q4hrs prn pain. (if you can read that you have a medical background)
It helps although it doesn't entirely kick the pain. I'm done with my whine. A clinical update on the TKR post op 3 months or "my whine, where the hell is my cheese?".
I need to find a title for this post and shut down for the night and do some more friggin stretches and burns.

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  1. well...thanks for all the are making me looking so forward to my tkp which i assume it might be somewhere near the end of hte year if i make it that far...whewhee..mine is giving me fits..bob says..maybe you would have less pain if you have it done...well..not by the looks of you....sorry for all the pain..cell phone ringing..waiting on house phone...........wrong phone sis...


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