Friday, May 8, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

I had one goal today. That was to get my hair cut. I couldn't stand the mess any longer. I never get the same stylist twice. That's what I get for going to a chain store to get my haircuts. Most of the time it works out fine; occasionally I get someone that makes me wish I were sitting in a boutique salon. Today was a good day. The stylist did a great job; just as I described to her how I wanted it cut. Lucky me!
I must be healing. I'm starting a new project here which is a sure sign that I'm getting back to my normal state or at least as normal as I have ever been.
We started clearing out the living room today. The biggest furniture will stay and will be drop clothed; the small tables, lamps, etc are being moved to a back bedroom. I've scraped the walls, removed the drapes and I'll be staining the wooden windows and finishing them off before we start the painting of the ceiling and walls. The windows were installed last year during the renovating of the exterior. The last time this room was painted was in 1999. I think it's way past due.
Hubby and I are disagreeing on the color of the room. He wants chocolate brown. That's not going to happen. First of all, most of the furniture in this room is brown and the room has two long narrow windows at one end. Long narrow windows equal very little natural light in the room. We don't need MORE brown. I want a soft yellow, he countered with a red. Geeze, I suppose the middle ground would be a soft orange. That's not going to happen either. We have a few things to do in here before we have the paint mixed. We have time to work this out.
If the economy were better, I would pitch some of the furniture in here and update a bit. That monster TV would go and I would have a flat panel installed over the fireplace mantel. I would also have the brick fireplace redone with a drywall above the mantel, and a wood facade from the mantel down with the firebox surrounded by granite. That has been on the "to do" list for years but it's definitely on hold for right now.
The Landcruiser is running once again. The fuel line to the fuel pump was cratered. Joe (mechanic) told me it needed a new carburetor and none could be found due to the age of the Landcruiser. This is a 1978 Landcruiser with 50,000 original miles. We have owned it for 25plus years.
Joe said he would have to convert the carburetor over to another newer model and it would cost 1000.00. I told him to hang in there and I would get back to him. He is right. A replacement carburetor was almost impossible to find. ALMOST! Even Cool Cruisers of Texas that builds old Landcruisers didn't have a rebuilt kit nor a carburetor for it. I went online and it took me a couple of days to find a place in New Hampshire that would sell me a rebuilt carburetor for 250.00 with a core charge of 100.00. They will ship me the carburetor and refund 100.00 when I ship mine back to them. I talked with Joe this morning. We have a plan! I ordered that carburetor.
Next it will get new rims and tires. Maybe I'll get it back on the road for the summer.
I'm on my way to Home Depot for supplies. I'm going to busy for a while.

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  1. Now I'm jealous. I would love to have a cruiser like that.

    Question. If none of your husband's ideas are going to happen, why bother asking him?


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