Saturday, May 2, 2009

Confused Saturday

I'm up and about early today. I wanted to clean out the office and get some other cleaning and organizational things done. I sat with the shredder in front of me and shredded and shredded. This is a boring job and I put it off until the top of the desk is heaped with stuff that gets pitched there awaiting the time that I can make myself go in there and shred. That done, I cleaned out my laptop and moved all my pictures to my external hard drive.
While I was doing this, hubby was on the phone to see about getting a room reserved at Coushatta. That's a casino in Jennings and I was hoping for a pool and a jacuzzi. No luck. All the rooms were rented. We could go to Shreveport but I hate the thought of a 4hr drive. We might wait till tomorrow and check into getting a room then at Coushatta. Today? Well, I don't know what we will do. I really don't mind staying home. I want to get a photo album updated. I'm only 5 months behind on it now. The weather is heating up here daily. I had the a/c on early this morning. Soon I won't want to venture out except if in dire need of supplies. Did I mention that I detest the hot summers? The winters here are great. Not so much on the summers though.
1:00PM I printed all the pictures from the external hard drive, trimmed them and put them in an album for 2009. I'm done with my chores.
Continued: 6:00PM
We cruised. We drove around the city and on streets we had never been to before. The older sections of this city are the most interesting. Even though those houses might be old most of the yards had colorful blooms that brightened up even the shabbiest of houses. It's an education in living conditions to drive through the college section of housing. I think more furniture is on the porches then inside the houses. Bikes littering the yards and porches are another giveaway that you are around college housing.
We stopped at a little coffee shop before heading home and sat outside with our coffee and hubby's smokes. He smoked; I didn't.
Not the most exciting Saturday but a pleasant day of which I am grateful. Now to conjure up something for dinner :-(
A knee update. When I straighten it to that "almost full extension" the muscle pain decreases and I can actually walk almost pain free. I can notice the improvement. I'll do some stretch and burn as soon as I finish this post which is right about now!

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