Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Glenwood Springs

A barricade to protect the cars from getting hit by rocks falling from the mountain sides. See? I have good reason to be nervous about falling rocks. Seldom do you see any barriers though.

No barrier here. It was difficult to get a good clear pic while moving.

The hot springs in Glenwood Springs

There is a hot springs pool in Glenwood Springs. We left this morning to do some site seeing. We wanted to see if Glenwood Springs had grown in size.

We visited Glenwood Springs then drove on to Carbondale. It was 54 degrees as we drove into high elevations.

The job has been postponed till tomorrow. I'm beginning to wonder how long we will be here waiting and waiting for this job. They are already talking about the possibility of going to California after this. That job should be around Bakersfield. It is a camp job so hubby will have to stay on location. He doesn't know what to do with me. I could go to Arizona and stay with his sister or go on to California with him but my motel room won't be paid for by the company. I've already been checking rates on rooms in Bakersfield and the rates aren't bad so I may just go with him. I wouldn't mind going to Arizona either. We will play it by ear.

I just remembered that I missed taking a shot of my ugly knee and posting it so I'm going to dig out my camera and do that this afternoon. I know everyone looks forward to seeing my ugly knee pics!

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