Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Afternoon

Mission accomplished. A new dryer is in place. I didn't know how bad the old one was till I used the new one. It dries stuff in 1/2 the time. I guess I was due a new dryer. Going to get the dryer was the easy part. In order to get it into the space occupied by the old one in the laundry room I had to move the upright freezer into the kitchen, the clothes drying rack, vacuum cleaners, scales and garbage can. Then I could move out the old dryer and clean the floor before the new one was placed. I found all those socks that have been missing. It's unfortunate that I pitched the unmated socks at an earlier time.
While I was moving all that stuff out of the laundry room, hubby was making room reservations for tomorrow. No jacuzzi but it does have a pool and since I'm not one for playing the slots or any of the other forms of gambling, I'll hang out at the pool and take my pastels and do some drawing. Just a getaway day for both of us.
Hubby just got a call for a job in North Dakota. There are other people closer to do this job but they need him because it's a specialty job that requires lots of experience. Thankfully he gets called on these jobs because with this slow down, the jobs are getting scarce. A job a month will keep us afloat. We were expecting this cutback and got as prepared as possible for us. Now we will try to ride it out for a couple of years and hope that it doesn't last longer then that.
Pizza is in the oven. I'm banned from the kitchen. I attempted to cook a pot of dried beans last night. When they were served and had a crunch to them, I was banned. I tried to justify this with the explanation that those beans were old and no amount of cooking would have made them really soft. I don't think he believed me. Of course I don't mind being banned from the kitchen. I think the one that enjoys cooking should be in there anyway and since he enjoys it so much, far be it from me to deprive him of his favorite past time.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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