Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Evening Progress

It's Sunday evening. I had the best of lazy days. We did leave the house and go drive around for a while but I was just as happy to be back home. Long afternoon nap intertwined with some television was my idea of a perfect day. I could still climb back into bed and go right to sleep.

I did do some work on the new knee. I moved the office chair back in the living room and then cranked it up to the highest position. From that high chair I could dangle my leg and work on moving it back toward the chair for flexion. I really should use that chair to sit in as it lets my leg stay in a 90 degree position plus standing up is much easier from that chair then from the sofa which sits lower.

Thursday is my appointment with my doctor. I will be working on more flexion. I'm not too worried right now. At 3months post op, I should have the muscles stronger in that leg. Right now it's way to early to expect any significant changes. I think walking daily does the most for building muscle strength.

I remain smoke free. I have a visual image of myself on how I feel about this. I keep seeing that cat with claws extended and hanging from the ceiling. I think that just about describes how I feel. I feel as though I'm on a tightrope and I'm barely hanging on. This is not how I feel all the time; its how I feel when a craving hits. They really don't happen that often but are very intense when they do happen.

Back to the television and some isometric exercises.

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