Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poor Pitiful Me

I've had a crappy morning. There is no good reason for this. It's just the way it is. I am in a teary mood. Just anything sets me off. I feel sorry for me. I'm having a major pity party and the guest list is non existent. I am the guest of honor.

Maybe it's withdrawal? Usually some where into the second week of being without nicotine I go on a crying binge and maybe that's what today is all about.

Carrie spent the night. She didn't want to go home. Around 10PM we headed for the bedroom where she sleeps. I laid down with her till she went to sleep then I got up and headed for the sofa in the living room. I didn't go to my bedroom because Carrie usually awakens at 3 AM and finds me in my bed. She gets into bed with me and hubby has to leave because between her snoring and my snoring he can't sleep. To circumvent this, I just sleep on the sofa and when she gets up she joins me on the sofa. This morning she gets up and finds me on the sofa. She climbs up and puts her head on the pillow. She tells me I can't lay beside her because I will be in the way. She wants to watch cartoons. I informed the little princess that we wouldn't be watching any TV. She immediately goes to sleep and I'm left listening to her snore.
I grabbed my blanket and moved to the chair and 1/2 and tried to find a comfortable position.
I ended up with my legs over the back of the chair, body draped over the seat cushion with my head on a pillow on the diagonal near the arm of the chair. It really wasn't uncomfortable at all. I watched TV for a while and finally drifted back to sleep. Maybe the sleeping arrangements have contributed to my mood today. Maybe I'm just tired and need a good nights' sleep on a full flat mattress.

I'm sure today isn't a crappy day. I can see the sun shining, the grass got nature watered yesterday and today it is bright green and lush looking. I have a pot of gumbo cooking.
I'm just not used to being in a crappy mood. Maybe going back to bed and sleeping through this is what I need.

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  1. We need crappy days as much as we need to be ill now and then. It helps us appreciate the good.


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