Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Untitled Wednesday

Today we went to Walmart. This is not a big event usually but today I walked around inside the store. From front to back and then back to the front; I was all over the store.After a while I felt the burn in the muscles of my leg and knew I had done enough walking. Back to the car and to the house and a Percoset. A nap later and I'm ready to be up and about again.
One day once again. A little more strength each day. Tomorrow I will be seeing the doctor. I expect him to order the sutures removed. I still have a lot of swelling but it has improved a little. I'll find out what the doctor thinks about my progress tomorrow. I might sign up for some rehab.
Tomorrow is daughter's birthday. We usually do lunch at Bennigan's and always have the same thing each year. A cup of potato soup and we split a Monte Cristo Sandwich.
Neither of us can finish our 1/2 of the sandwich. It's a battered and deep fried heart attack on a plate and oh so yummy.
I'm off to do some exercises. C Ya.

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