Monday, March 30, 2009

Stretches and Ouches

4 wks post op pic

Attractive huh? I could care less what it looks like. I just want it to operate correctly!
Through the weekend and onto a Monday morning. Not much has changed weather wise. It's still a bit chilly, no rain and lots of sunshine. Carrie is here with me and we are getting ready to enjoy a bubble bath. Soon it will be her nap time and mine too.
I'm still doing stretches and noting incremental changes. Slow going on the healing but I'm thankful there are no blood clots or signs of infection. Ya gotta be grateful for what you can.
I actually was up and out of the house at 5AM this morning. I had to pick up some milk and bread. I can get in and out of the car a little easier now. Still slow moving but at least I'm moving.
And this is Carrie post bath. I promise to let her put her makeup on after her bath.

If you double clik on this last picture it will enlarge and you can clearlly see the great job of applying makeup that Carrie did all by herself!

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  1. looks like the lines on a softball..the way they sew it up..all in all doesnt look that bad..the other one looks odder.....hope it mends alright for to you later....


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