Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dialed Up

I'm not allowed to take a shower so it's sponge baths for me. I just had a wonderful soapy wash and a facecloth rinse. Needless to say, I still feel soapy although I have a better odor now. I have a Dial soap odor. If I should get rained on I might just bubble up all over the place. It's sorta like shampooing the carpet and knowing you didn't get all the soap out that you put in.

I feel fresher but the day they give me permission to take a real shower will be the day I actually feel CLEAN. The doctor wants no moisture on the incision site. I'm sure he wants to take no chances of an infection at the surgical site. I've thought about taping a black lawn garbage bag to the top of my leg using duct tape. I can't see how any water could get to the incision site. I might rig up something for tomorrows bath/shower.

I make short trips without my walker. I'm getting braver. I'm supposed to do full weight bearing on it and when I don't use the walker, I am putting my full weight on the knee.

On another note, we noticed this morning that someone had stopped by sometime last night and riffed through my Grand Marquis and the Corolla. All the stuff in the glove boxes were strewn all over the cars. I think they were kids looking for Ipods, cameras and games. Hubby's truck was locked up so they didn't get into it. My neighbor said they had went through his boat too. This happens occasionally; it's been years since the last time this happened.

I'm off to fix some lunch and then a nap.

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