Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bagged Up

A garbage bag and a roll of duct tape equals one refreshing shower! It took a bit of manually lifting of my leg to clear the rim of the tub but once in, the shower was fabulous! I even shampooed my hair. It has been 6 days since I was under a shower. It's difficult to equate hand washing with a good shower.

Hubby was having a fit; he was afraid I would fall and ruin the knee. I did fine.

The weather here is awesome. Sunny and warm and I have the a/c running. Sometimes I go out to the front porch and sit at the little table there that holds an ashtray and still has the last pack of cigarettes I had opened. I eye that pack of cigarettes and I miss the action of smoking. I don't reach for that pack of cigarettes because there are so many other things about smoking that I don't like. I hope I can stick to my resolve to quit. I have quit today; tomorrow I will have to deal with when it gets here. I'm thinking about hiring someone to come in and shampoo the living room furniture. I would do it myself but I have this little knee condition that I'm dealing with right now.

This coming week I will set up a rehab schedule. I'll have exercises that I will do in 15 reps each and for an hour a day. If I am going to do this myself, then I'll have to have as professional approach to it as possible. I'm sure my surgeon will expect to see some progress at our next visit.

Right now I start off using the walker till my knee loosens up a bit then I can truck around all over the place without the walker. Still smokeless and that's a daily report as it could change quickly.
I'm going to take a nap. It's noon after all.

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  1. That shower had to feel better than good ... fill in the blank with your favorite.


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