Monday, March 16, 2009


I'm up early with my cup of coffee and the morning news show. I'm listening to some lady say that although she is unemployed now and losing her home, God has something in store for her. He has plans for her.

Do you know how pissed off I would be if a family member who is in charge of my well being watched me going through difficult times and they smugly said "I have plans for you. Something better will come along." Now this family member thinks that maybe sharing that plan with me might just relief some pressure from my life? I'm sure that lady on the news feels that God IS a family member. I'm wondering how long she plans on waiting to hear the good news he has planned for her? All the catastrophes will be blamed on who? I'm always slack jawed in amazement when I listen to these people's reasoning. Denial must be a class they teach in theology school and is quickly instilled in each ministers' congregations. Anything good, yeah Jesus ; slaughtered nations, children and adults? Injuries, illness and disease? God's will! How do people learn to swallow this fantasy? What happened to deductive reasoning?
Still smokeless, antsy, anxious, deprived, depraved and depressed.

Ok. Not really depressed but I needed a "d" word.

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  1. Destabilized? Decadent? Delicious? Delightful? Desensitized? Desperate?


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