Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beauty and The Beast

This is The Beauty. I had stripped the cushion covers off her chair so I could wash them. She found a way to use her chair. She just climbed up on the back of it.

and this is The Beast. And to think this cost me over 100,000.00!

Actually this does look better now. The swelling has decreased although it still has a way to go. The swelling makes it painful to do the exercises. Breaks are needed between exercise periods. I just read on the web that full extenstion was still trying to be attained 11 months post op. I'm almost 3 weeks post op. I need to lighten up a bit and not get so worried about it this early in the rehab game. I just ate two Percosets about 1/2 hr ago. Since they are now kicking in, I'm going to exercise that knee and hope it's a relatively pain free workout.
Oh. Monday will be 3 wks. post op and 3 wks smoke free.
I watch my hubby take his smoke breaks outside. I don't envy him this. I don't envy the "have to go" aspect. The weather is great and it's actually pleasant to sit outside in the dark. Sometimes I go out with him just to sit and talk. This doesn't bother me as far as craving a cigarette. I don't crave a cigarette just because he is having one.
He has cut back on how much he smokes now. He smokes only 15 a day which is great. I was not that smoker. I could never cut back. It's an "all or nothing" venture for me.
When I get the urge to smoke I just ask myself "Do I really want to HAVE to stop what I"m doing and go outside for a smoke?". I don't. I really really don't. This doesn't guarantee that I won't start again. I'm smokeless today and that's all I can say.
I really must go exercise. I hate it. I can't begin to express to you how much I hate doing those stretches. It's very painful. Even with pain meds, it is not painfree.
Before I start whimpering and whining, I'll say good night and hobble off to do my thing!

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