Friday, March 20, 2009

Tub Adventure

The water was nice, warm and deep. Bubbles floated around on the surface of the tub full of water. I stripped off my clothes and dangled my left foot over the tub checking the water. I move to standing on my left leg in the tub. Next I turned sideways while standing on my left foot and swung scissor like away from my body with my right leg. I can scissor kick to the side with my weak leg and that is how I get over the rim of the tub with it.

Next chore is sitting down in the bath water. With one hand braced on each side of the tub, I kicked out my right leg to almost full extension and standing on my left leg only I lowered myself down into the water.

AH! It felt wonderful. I played in the tub like a 3yr old Carrie would. I sat and soaked and then scrubbed with Dial soap. I was in no hurry to get out of the tub and since I had no idea how I was going to get out of that tub, I just enjoyed.

The time finally arrived. My skin was starting to wrinkle. It must be time to get out.

I thought I had it figured out. I placed my hands on each side of the tub, pulled my left leg toward my body, planted my foot and tried to heave myself one legged to a standing position. What was I thinking? I didn't come close to a standing position.

Ok, rest break and then try something else. The water is starting to cool down.

This time, I lift my right leg (the one with the new knee) and swing it up and over the edge of the tub. I'm still sitting in the tub but now my right leg is over the edge of the tub and stiffly pointing to the ceiling. I start inching my self up the side of the tub while pushing with my left leg and hands. Finally I can get to the side of the tub and sit on the rim of it. Another break is needed. I'm slippery and exhausted. Was a bath worth all this? NO and I will rethink doing this again.

Now I have to find a dry unslippery area of the tub to place my hands so I can push myself to a standing position. I grab a robe and wrap up in it and get out of the bathroom and to the sofa. I need a long rest and a nap!

Tomorrow I will be satisfied with a shower. I don't see a bath in my future for a while.

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