Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Cast of Players

This young lady appeared every 4hours with her thermometer and her blood pressure cuff to make sure I was still showing evidence of being alive.
If Terri would have noted no signs of life, she would have passed the message along to Jen the RN. I'm sure Jen had orders on what the next move would have been although I didn't ask. Jen was busy; I tried to stay out of her way. She is the keeper of the pump with all the la la juice. I figure anyone who controls this much power should be treated very nicely. Jen also poked so many holes in me I felt like a perforated roll of tissue paper.

This is Erika. She is a warrior in training. Soon she will hit the trenches along with fellow warriors armed with scissors, bandages and needles. Her days will be long and her patients too many. She shows all the signs of a good warrior. She poked a few holes through my skin and pushed liquid in too. She looked like she enjoyed doing this which is a sure sign that Erika would happily join the ranks along with her fellow prodders and pokers.
I hope she maintains her sweet unaffected attitude.
I don't know if I will be able to get a picture of Charles. He was the person that transported me daily to the Physical Therapists. Charles always emitted good vibes. Charles was no threat so seeing his smiling face was always a high point of my day.
The therapists made me a little nervous. I made them prove to me they didn't expect me to do any fancy tricks with my bright shiny new knee. They get an "A" for all the patience they showed. I felt as though they understood our fear.
The cast of characters were many. I didn't mention the housekeeping dept., the dietary department and the lab staff that I saw daily. I may get back to them shortly but right now I need to go back to sleep. The pills are working again.

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