Saturday, March 28, 2009


Clear, bright, sunny and dang COLD here this morning! I took my Percoset this morning and then waited for about 1/2 hr before I attempted to get up. I stretched the leg and attained almost full extension, then I got to a sitting position, stretched my leg some more and then I hoisted myself via my arms to a standing position. Some pain, yes, but minor and some stiffness still so I took it easy on my first few steps along with my cane as an assist.

I walked to the kitchen and got something to drink and took my morning vitamins and aspirin (blood thinner). Not too bad a trip. I continued to walk around for a while to loosen the knee up a bit then back to the sofa for some computer time and phone time with my sister.

We are looking for D-Links to become wireless. I'm wireless; it's sister that is trying to become wireless. We inspected D Links found on EBay and Googled megabytes per second speed available on the D Links. I think she has made a decision on what she wants to order.
I got off the phone and watched TV for a bit then did some leg lift exercises and soon I will sit in the elevated office chair and do some flexion. I'm pain free right now and can actually walk around the house with a very minor limp. I still need to get more extension and it might have to be done with weights.

I just got my shower and I'm dressed. At least that task is easier to get accomplished. I can tell it's almost time for a Percoset. That's my next task and that will take me right to nap time!
Happy Day Everyone.

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  1. Do you run a risk of harm by pushing so hard?


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