Saturday, March 21, 2009

Boring Rehab Post

Should I be worried? I'm working on extension. I prop my right foot on a pillow and let the knee sink downward. This is to get the extension I need. To lengthen the leg. I can feel the burn of the popliteal ligament in the back of my knee as it stretches. I stay in this position for 5 minutes; take a break and do it again. Soon I can see that the leg is more straight; I get up and am able to walk without a very noticeable limp. It's still not perfectly straightened out but enough that I can fake a straight walk.

The problem is, as soon as I sit down and work on flexion by pulling the foot back toward my body; then I feel like I lose the extension I had been working on. I can't straighten my leg again without going through the extension exercises once again.
Maybe this is what has to be done over and over to get the flexion and extension I need. Maybe in 3 months of doing these exercises I will be able to walk normally?

I wish I knew for certain that this is a matter of time and persistence. I've been down this road before. You would think I would be more confident of the rehab I'm doing. This is different. This is a prosthetic; not a normal part of my body. It's a machine like device implanted. It's just different.

I"m off to take a walk; I just did the extension exercise and my leg is straight for now which means I can walk without a limp.

Oh, one other thing. If I miss your phone call do not be offended. It takes me forever to get to the phone. Sometimes I don't even bother trying to get to it. Sometimes I'm asleep with the phone ringers turned off. I take a Percoset to do my exercises, then I sleep. I sleep a lot it seems and with no rhyme or reason on the times I sleep. I don't choose my sleep times. I sleep when the urge strikes.

On that note, I'm off to take a walk before I pass out again.

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