Thursday, March 26, 2009


I live in a mostly Republican State and therefore a very conservative state. The election was a shock to many here and I'm not sure they still believe it. I am sure they are still unhappy and more unhappy as the days go by.

I listen to them blame all our current woes on this new administration; an administration that is barely 60 days old. This is the story they tell themselves; nothing is going to change their views. They need someone to be angry with; this administration is it. This is their fantasy. No amount of reasoning will change one iota of what they want to believe.

I am amazed that any Republican politician has the nerve to criticize the current administration. What did they do on their watch? How much respect, management, concerns over health care and education were addressed on their watch? If they had a better answer then the current administration, what were they waiting for? They had the past 8 years in office to exercise their options and solve some of these problems.
The clean up crew is here. What a job they have. How much time will they be allotted?
It takes at least 6months to build a house. This administration might need a little more time then this to clean up the house left to them.
I'm watching way too many news reports; I'm going to curtail the time I spend tuned to CNN. Enough is enough. I'm full. I'm overflowing and I need a break.
Now where is that cartoon DVD?

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