Monday, March 9, 2009

Festival Internationale

It's almost that time of year once again here in Acadiana. This is my favorite of all the festivals.
The music is great. Local artists and bands worldwide attend.
I did a lot of walking today. I would take a break when I felt discomfort and when I would tire out. Bit by bit, day by day.
I just got a call from a nurse friend that was pulled to 4th floor on Friday night. While looking through the med bin she found my name on some meds and surmised I had been in the hospital. She just called; I hadn't talked to her in years.
Louise's husband plays bass guitar for Sonny Landreth. They are doing a one day gig in Moscow, Russia, then to Australia. Louise hates the travel so she doesn't follow the band much. I worked with Louise for years and though we don't connect often, it's always a good feeling to hear her voice!
I'm gone to watch TV and relax for a while.

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