Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 19th

First of all, Happy Birthday to Daughter! May you have many more.

Today was my 2wk post op appointment with the ortho surgeon. The sutures were removed and some x rays taken; I can now take a bath or shower without using garbage bags and duct tape. I can use cocoa butter on the suture line and I will; it surely needs it.

He said the flexion was great but the extension not so great. I'll do some exercises and do some work on it. He was pleased with the progress all in all and I will see him again in a month.

We went to Dwyers' for lunch and sat outside. The weather is a perfect high 70's and no humidity. I love Spring. It only hangs out here for a week then it goes directly to HOT!
I'm outta here to get my razor and shaving creme and do a little upkeep on my leg.
C Ya

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