Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Land

My goal for today is to stay awake. I slept most of yesterday away and had no problem sleeping last night.

I'm sitting here waiting on Carrie and watching the morning news. The weather has been forecast to be full of rain and no sunshine. That leaves indoor activities for all of us today. Carrie has plenty of books and toys to keep her entertained. If that fails, she has her Poppie to entertain her. She already thinks her Poppie is her playmate. She commandeers all his time when she is here. She mimics everything he does and says. They sing commercials. He changes the words to the commercial songs so they apply to her. Sometimes she doesn't know what the words mean. He has been singing "Roll, em , roll em, roll em, RAWHIDE!!" to her and she sings back "roll em, roll em, roll em , RAWHI". When asked what Rawhide was she replies "mitt " a true BS explanation. She always gives an answer even if she has to make it up. I have no clue where she gets the B.S. ability. Hubby blames it on me. I reject that!
Yesterday she chastised her Poppie for making noise. She said "my baby is sleeping". Poppy asked where her baby was and she laid her hand across her stomach and said "here, here in my stomach". When asked how the baby got there she replied "I don' t know". Sometimes she is the infant and sometimes she is the parent.
Sometimes she is the Princess, sometimes she is the mermaid who can't walk on land because she has no feet. All the time she enjoys her little fantasy worlds. A happy child is she. Happy in her Happy Land.

When I think about it, I know a few adults that live carefree in their own Happy Land.
They pick and choose the stories they want to believe; they don't question any inconsistencies but prefer instead to believe what makes their life most pleasant. I remember a few times in my younger life doing this. Yes, I did. I also learned it didn't make it so. I prefer to not waste time which is what I had been doing. I prefer to face "it" head on and move on. I have a difficult time listening to the adult living in their Happy Land. I wonder as I'm listening to them if they know, really know, and prefer to stubbornly reinterate over and over the fantasy. If everyone around them recognizes the fantasy, then they should also? I'm embarrassed for them. I wonder if I'm contributing to their fantasy by not confronting them with some red flags that have been waved. Do they not see the red flags? Do they see them but wish to ignore? Is the truth something they can't bear facing? I'm at a loss. I have no answer. I sit and watch. I prefer not to have to listen too often though. It's not easy keeping that stunned look off my face.

I'm off to see what today has to offer.

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