Friday, March 27, 2009

Days End

It's not technically the end of this day; it's more like 8:13PM but that's late enough for me to call it a day. I have been giving the knee a workout. I've stayed up on it most of the day. I've done a lot of walking despite the burn of the muscles. I just got back from Walmart and some grocery shopping. I used my cane to make it around the store and did ok but by the end of this shopping spree I was more then ready to sit down some where.

I got home and put away the groceries. I figure the more I walk the more the muscles will rebuild. I may regret this tomorrow morning. I'm going to take another Percoset and stay off my feet the remainder of this day. I've done enough walking.

My mood? Well, compared to this morning I suppose it's better. I'm not promising I won't have another meltdown. Day by day and one following another.

Carrie was not herself today either. She has caught a cold and is stuffy and congested. Listless would be the best way to describe her today. We did quiet activities. She was comfortable watching her movies and having books read to her. When it was time for her nap, she didn't argue. She was ready to rest for a while.

It's time for me to take a night long break and that is something I'm looking forward to.

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