Monday, March 9, 2009

This Time

This time one week ago, I was preparing to go to the hospital. Amazing. Amazing that it has been almost 7 days since surgery. It will be seven days in about 5 1/2 more hours. I don't want to wish my life away as we all seem to do especially while waiting for something. On that note, I'm wishing it was a month from now. A month out from surgery should put me almost pain free and almost walking perfectly.

Almost. I must learn more patience. Patience with the healing process. I must learn to me more grateful. Grateful for what I can do this far along in the process.

.....I can bathe myself

.....I can walk short distances

.....I can care for myself albeit slowly

.....I have pain relief

and I have a good excuse to laze around.

I must make a decision this week. Do I want to do the rehab on this myself or go to a facility. All the muscles and the skin are bruised and sore. The incision site is sore.
If I go to a facility, they will push rehab for as long as insurance pays for it. I think my coverage pays for two weeks of rehab which means they will not take their time; it will be rushed and pain be damned. If I do this myself, I can do it as tolerated. Will I regain full flexion/extenstion? If I had months of rehab time alloted, the therapists would bring that knee along slowly but since insurance companies rarely afford that much rehab time the therapy will be timed accordingly.

Decisions, decisions. Another option is to work on it myself for a month then do a two week stint in rehab. By the time they get me, most of the surgical soreness should be gone plus I will have been doing rehab on it and they can just finish it off.

I may wait till my appointment with my doctor and discuss it with him meanwhile I will be doing as much as I want to tolerate with it.

Oh; 1 full week and still smokeless as of this posting.

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