Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Few More

This was my Physical Therapist. Bless her heart. She would cave easily if I whined loud enought.

Lauren, a "new nurse". She was in orientation while I was in her care.
I'm getting released a day earlier then planned. My knee needs much more rehab but I'll take care of that after I'm home.
This went much better then I expected. Don't let anyone talk you into having this surgery if they don't do a Femoral block. Some doctors here still don't do them. I think they should have to have this surgery minus that block. I'm sure they would become a believer.
I can't stay awake for long. The pain meds make me woozy and looking at food makes my stomach do somersaults.
Ms. Sheila another pleasant face and she bought food with her which placed her right up there close to goddess status.

This picture taken to gross out my little sister. She has a weak stomach.

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