Thursday, March 5, 2009

Home Again

I had to do my time in the rehab room this morning, then back to my room for a dressing change and to get my discharge papers. The doctor had left a 'script for Tylox which we got filled after leaving the hospital.

It's nice to get back to my house. I don't like staying in the hospital although I know some people that don't mind it at all. It's a holiday for them. I've always found it to be associated with pain which is not what a holiday is about.

I have a lot of soreness and swelling in that knee which makes it difficult to do range of motion exercises. I'll still do them but I'll go slow. I have two weeks till I have to see the surgeon again to have the staples removed. I'm using a walker to get around the house which isn't really that bad. I have full weight bearing on it.

Friday morning 5:10AM
I'm up and with the walker I made it to the bathroom and then to the coffee pot. After getting a cup of fresh brewed, I headed for the office computer. I have so much junk mail and other mail to go through. Since it's a "sitting activity" I'll put it on my list of "sitting jobs" to do.
I'm day 4 post op. Haven't had a cigarette since Monday and I haven't hurt anybody YET. My knee is still swollen and sore. I didn't expect anything less. I'm going to sit outside today on the patio with a good book and the warm temps and do nothing. That's my goal for today.

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