Friday, January 30, 2009

Good Intentions

It's the end of the week, or at least the 5day week. Tomorrow Carrie will spent the day at her house and I'll scurry around here getting things back in order. I mistakenly think that after she leaves in the evening, I'll get so much done. By the time she leaves, I'm done. I'm done with being awake; I'm done with doing anything else for the day and I'm just plain done!

Today we went into the back yard and kicked a large smiley face ball around. Sun was out but there was a nip to the air. Carrie likes being outside; she got to travel in her swing too. I pulled one of the cushioned chairs off the patio to the yard since that was where the sun was delivering those warm rays. It wasn't bad until the wind would kick up. Carrie would kick the smiley face ball to me and I would return it with a left foot kick. I would have felt like I was in one of those "special" Olympics had my chair had wheels on it.

It's hard to believe that the people in the north eastern states are living beneath a sheet of shiny ice. My sister said everything at her home is glistening with the coating of ice and the trees are boughed down to the ground with the weight of all that ice. She has been without electricity for a few days now and relies on her wood stove for warmth. Pity the poor person that has to haul in all that wood to keep the stove roaring. They had to hook up a generator to plug in appliances and it might be another few days till the power company gets the lines cleared.

It's akin to us being without power when the hurricanes hit here. We suffer from lack of a/c. Which is worse? To be hot or cold? As much as I dislike being hot, I would have to choose to be without a/c then heat. We can always spray each other with the water hose to cool down or stand under a cold shower.

I'm waiting for Carrie to finish her Disney movie. She is watching Bambi today. This is the first time for this one and at times her attention wanders. It might not be as fast paced as what she usually watches. I find that it takes a great deal of action to keep them focused. Since Bambi started off slow she wandered around for a while but evidently the pace has picked up since she is raptly watching. I catch her yawning occasionally; we might be headed for a nap. Nothing wrong with a little afternoon nap for her and for me. So much for all those good intentions on getting anything done.

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