Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I slept for a precious hour and awoke to a tune playing on my cell phone. No matter how fine a ring tone you assign to your callers, after a while it gets to the point where that once fine ring tone becomes a shrill, loud offensive tone that demands you answer the phone. I have assigned a Mardi Gras tone to one number, a baby laugh to another and Brown Eyed Girl to another. All tones I thought would be pleasant to hear in lieu of the standard ring tone that came with the phone. When the phone rings at 5:30AM and you don't remember where you left the phone; you are stumbling and hobbling in the dark to find it and stop that once lovely tune, even that lovely ringtone becomes extremely annoying.

Ted texted me last night and wanted to know if we could make our once a week pre school time trip to Burger King for breakfast. Affirmed. I didn't know when I agreed that I would be up at 2:30AM and back to bed to try to sleep a while longer.

He calls at 5:30AM. After finding the phone and knowing who is calling, I briefly entertained the thought of lying to him; telling him something to excuse myself from this trip. Second thought saved me. I promised and I always try to keep my promise. Finding the keys to the car, I slipped outside to start it up so it would be warm. It's 44 degrees here. I'm not saying it's cold but it's NOT warm! It is dry. It finally quit raining. Yesterday was another dark dreary day with lamps that had to be turned on in the house to brighten it up. Today no rain but cooler temperatures. One day shorts, the next long pants. I like the long pants temperatures. At least it feels like winter in southwestern Louisiana. Soon enough the hot humid summers will return.

It's not quite 7:00AM here. Maybe I'll be back on the sofa with CNN to lull be back to sleep? Let's try!

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