Sunday, February 1, 2009

February One 2009

The first day of the second month of 2009. Two days from my pre op appointment, 30 days from surgery and less then a month from my birth date. Milestones in my future; a short list of milestones. One year from today I should be looking back on some of these milestones. As I write this I'm curious about what other milestones will be listed for the coming year. A year from now will the economy be better? Will there be food on the shelves of the grocery stores in plentiful amounts? Will any of my friends and neighbors still have a job? a house? a car? The future appears scary.

I'm a chronic worrier. I wish I were the type that could just sit back and have the attitude of "what will be will be", but I've always been one that has tried to anticipate and be prepared. Some things are out of one's control; the economy is one of these things. I live in Catholic saturated country. I hear people in times of crisis say they survived by putting things in God's hands. Their faith pulled them through. I say that is selective memory. What about those times when the crisis did not have a positive outcome. They don't remember these times? Where do they place the blame? Did they not pray hard enough. Do they blame themselves for not being devout enough?
The guilt must be horrendous.

Just maybe learning to give up regardless of what or who you assign your worries to, is a survival techique.

Hopefully, I'll be able to revisit this post one year from now and post once again a comparison of February One 2009 and February One 2010, God willing. (Grinning)

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