Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shivering in Louisiana

It's daylight here now and I'm waiting for the sun to appear. It's also CHILLY and more. It's now 56 degrees. The frost hasn't melted off the roofs of the houses I can see across the street.

Yesterday was the same but when I stood at the window and looked out I saw bright sunshine, bright green grass and flowering plants. The temperatures do not match what my eyes see. We are having a bit of the Arctic blast that is streaking across the northern states. There will be no shorts and sleeveless shirts worn today. This is an observation; I know better then to complain. I won't have to slide to the store in snow; I won't have to put on a coat, gloves and boots.

I'll just sit here for a while and listen to the furnace click on and feel the warmth issuing from the ceiling vents into the house and know that this is winter for us. It's long pants weather once again.

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