Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Afternoon at the Alamo and Riverwalk

A passing thought, thankfully it passed quickly!

We are tired, one and all. I'm exhausted. Carrie didn't have her nap and is barely holding on to consciousness. Of course she has not mentioned it and will continue to keep moving till someone makes her go to bed. Adults give up easily. Children do not see the necessity of rest.
We went out by the pool this morning after breakfast then back to the room to watch TV and play on the computer. Hubby was home by 3PM at which time we loaded up and went to the Alamo and the River Walk. We left the downtown area and came back to the hotel so she could go swimming. We swam in the spa because it was heated and the pool was not. Both were outside.
Another interesting thing here is this is the home of Lackland Air Force Base. All day this behemoth dark grey airplane has been circling, landing and circling again over the city. It is flying low and I mean low. I kept expecting it to clip off the top of a power pole! If they are practicing, do they have to do it right outside my motel room window? I can almost see the altimeter. Ok, that might be a BIT of an exaggeration but I know it"s a big plane and flying really low. I don't think I"ve seen it retract it's landing gear because it never stays aloft that long.

Pool time (in the spa)

A view of the Riverwalk lined with shops and cafes on both sides.

This bear was scary for Carrie. I encirled the bear with my arms and gave him a kiss on his nose; I tickled him under his arms and chatted with him before she would even get close. I was thinking as I was doing this if I didn't have a child with me I would have looked mighty strange or insane.

Carrie thought they were having a party across the river. She kept asking to go to the party.We tried to tell her it was a restaurant, I think she is watching closely for the birthday cake and presents that go with her kind of party.

A good trip so far! I haven't even been CLOSE to an "adventure". Daughter will be so impressed with me, although, we still have the trip back to Louisiana!

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