Friday, January 9, 2009

Today I Will

GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE FOR A WHILE. I have two months till this knee is repaired and I can't just stay closed up in here.
The weather is awesome right now. Perfect park weather although I doubt I'll go to the park. I will be outside today and enjoying it before the temperatures take another dive.

When I started this blog I would forget about it for months on end. I was too busy to get here to post. I noticed how many posts I've done for the month of December and I realize how much this knee has affected my daily routine. I'm wondering if after the surgery scheduled in March and the recoup period of at least a month following that, I will be missing in action on this site. The only time I have been this sedate in my life was post op for something or other and it was usually my knee. I've had the good fortune to have enjoyed a relatively healthy life.

I take no medications, yet. Most doctors visits are my yearly exam and visiting the dentist. I am grateful. I'm getting as restless as spring; the spring that is hurrying to arrive here and it's too early!

The huge silver maple tree on the front lawn has started sprouting buds. It's too early! The flowers hiding beneath the ground from last summer are beginning to sneak through the surface. I can see and recognize the tiny leaves; I know it's not weeds. It's too early!

My neighbor mowed his lawn again yesterday as he did last week. We just did that once since winter arrived here. It might be a weekly affair if the temperatures stay as mild as they have been for the past week.

I'm going to go shopping; I don't need a thing so it will be window shopping. That's alright. Just to walk somewhere sounds like a huge treat to me. Some days the knee is more stable then others and today feels like a good day and that's my little blog for what is happening in my life so far.
The excitement is almost uncontainable. Maybe I should blog at the end of the day just in case something noteworthy should happen. I'll have to ponder that to make sure I don't make the wrong decision. (laughing now).
The END, and at the beginning of the day.

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