Thursday, January 8, 2009

Post Orthopedic Appointment

I just got back from seeing the Orthopedic surgeon. He asked if I was ready. I am and told him I was. The knee replacements have advanced in the years since I first talked with this surgeon about a replacement. Compared to the 10yrs the knee would last, they now can last 20yrs plus.
I'm ready.
We talked about the restrictions I have now. The previous damage to that knee and the surgeries that have already been done on it. Scar tissue might cause the recovery to be a little longer then it would have been had I not damaged it in the past. The bolts, staples and screws could be harboring infection that might spread when he removes them. His answer to that...mega antibiotics post surgery.

4 weeks in rehab; I'll have to use a walker at times during those 4 weeks.

February 3rd I will go in for pre op work. 2 pints of blood will be drawn and banked and used if necessary during the surgery.

March 3 a surgery suite has been scheduled. First available. I told them if one opens sooner, hook me up. I doubt that will be done. They won't do surgery too soon after drawing that blood. They will wait till my body builds that blood back.

Now I know. I'm ready.

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