Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inaugeration For Me

I've looked forward to watching this since Obama was named the winner in the election.
I planned on sitting front row center in my living room watching it today. It was not to be.

Carrie spent the night with Gram Kathy. Usually when she spends the night, I meet Kathy 1/2 way to her house to pick up Carrie. It's about a 15minute drive to the meeting point. When Kathy called this morning to say she had some errands to run and would call me when she finished so we could meet at our 1/2 point, I was watching the past presidents and vice presidents march onto the steps to the capital. Soon the justices of the Supreme Court were escorted in and just about right here is when Kathy called and said she was heading for our meeting place. DARN!

I grabbed my purse and car keys and slid into the drivers' seat of my cold car. As I left my driveway, I called my sister on my cell. She was kind enough to report to me via the phone what was happening during my drive. When I could see the meeting place for the Carrie exchange, I told sis I would call her back as soon as I started my return trip.

Carrie was loaded into my car as she slept. Apparently she had been up since 4AM. On the drive back I tried calling my sister again. She disappeared on me! I tried her house phone and her cell and didn't get an answer. I quickly dialed Ms.K. She answered and I had her report to me what and where they were in the ceremonies. She described the swearing in of the V.P. and then the President. Traffic was heavy and I think I caught every red light on the way but I made it back to the house in time to hear his speech.

That's my story. We have a new President even without me watching.

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